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The company is presently registered in the Registry of Contractor’s Enterprises (M.E.E.P. 6206) for the following works (Class 6).

» Electro – Mechanical
» Industrial – Energy
» Road Works
» Buildings
» Hydraulics
» Harbor Works

The Company is currently a member of T.E.E. (Technical Chamber of Greece - N° 598), S.A.T.E. (Pan-Hellenic Association of Greek Contracting Companies - N° 404), S.T.E.A.T. (N° 61), the Greek Committee of CIGRE (International Organization for Large High-Tension Electrical Networks), and AHK (German­ Greek Commercial and Industrial Chamber- No 301/102055).

Board of Directors

Spyros Sourtzis  President and Managing Director 
Panagiotis Loukelis Deputy CEO
Christos Markou Member
Stefanos Karakatsanis Member
Helias Avrambos Member
Ioannis Sourtzis Member

The company is represented by Spyros Sourtzis, President and Managing Director. The names of the Board of Directors may be changed according to the management demands.

Mr. Spyros Sourtzis began his activities as a technician, in the field of electromechanical projects (DEI – Public Power Company)
S. CH. S. SA (former S. CH. SOURTZIS SA) is the successor to the personal activities of Mr. Spyros Sourtzis, who as a contractor undertook the construction of electro-mechanical projects (DEI – Public Power Company)
S. CH. S. SA (former S. CH. SOURTZIS SA) was formed and the Company began its activities with a Contracting Class 5 rating for Electro-mechanical and Energy works
the company received a Class 3 rating for Pressurised Hydraulic works
Its contracting rating for Electro-Mechanical and Energy works was upgraded to Class 6, while maintaining its Class 3 rating for Pressurised Hydraulic works
the Company was one of the first technical companies to obtain the Quality Assurance Certificate ISO 9002 from TÜV CERT, in recognition of the quality services that it offers its customers (Today 9001:2008)
the contractor's certificate of the Company upgraded to Class 6
Acquires the Company Sterea Techniki SA which absorbs and ranks 5th grade General
Changes the name and from S.Ch. SOURTZIS SA becomes S Ch S SA
the company transfers the head offices from road Eftichidou 10 to road Eftichidou 45 in Pagrati of Athens
the contractor's certificate of the Company upgraded to general Class 6

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