Building constructions

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1 6th Gymnasium of Petroupolis and 1st State School of Drapetsona O.S.K. S.A. 2.133.932,20 €
2 Civil works and E-M installations for completing the reformation of Omonia Square, B’ Phase Works Unification of Athens Archaeological Sites S.A. 2.170.445,00 €
3 Construction of new buildings in the Technical University of Patras Technical University of Patras 4.020.542,92 €
4 Construction of City Hall for N.Chalkidona Municipality of N.Chalkidon 2.307.248,23 €
5 Completion of the Athens Music Hall (Megaro Mousikis), A’ & B’ Phase, Connecting the Music Hall with the Metro Station of the same name (Building 12), Reinforced concrete structures Athens Music Hall Organization (O.M.M.A.) 4.494.525,90 €


Project No 5 was undertaken by the “J/V ALPHA Techniki S.A. – S.CH.S. S.A.” (S.CH.S. S.A. 50%)

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